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Advice to the Reader and the Writer
The Hay-Wain
The Quidditas of Esthetics - James Joyce
Footnotes to the Book of the Setback - Nizar Qabbani
After My Death
Climbing Wyndcliff
A Song for Alfred Nobel
On Dover Beach
On His Blindness
Limerick for the English Pastoral
Bloomsday Sermon, June 16th 2004
The Stars
Welsh Landscape - R.S. Thomas
The Madman
Psalm 121
Don Quijote in America
Lament of the Farm-Wife of Wu
The Departing
A Pilgrimage to Beethoven
Gateaux and ale
I and Thou
Tonight We Improvise
Helicon and Hippocrene
Absent Without Leave
The Scarlet Letter
From the Complete Works of Anonymous (3)
I am
For Osip Mandelstam
From the Complete Works of Anonymous (2)
The Female of the Species
Paradise Lost
The Face of Death
To Lou Andreas-Salome, on her birthday
The Solution
From the Complete Works of Anonymous (1)
From the Maori rites
Astonishing the Gods
Two More Rivals
The Rival
A Case of the DTs
A Peep Behind The Scenes
The Battle of the Sexes
This Compost
Memoirs of Hadrian, Death of Virgil
Gay Science
The Decimal Point
Yakamochi and Lady Ki
A Chinese Puzzle
Dulce Et Decorum Est
The Tree of Man
Wrestling with Angels
The Statute of Liberty
Poems from the Death-Camps
Epitaph for a Buccaneer
In Memory of W. B. Yeats
When Cohen Met Cavafy
Foul Play at Vitai Lampada
Alternate Jabberwockies
Portrait d’une Femme
Church Going
Number 63 With Rice
Poem No 395
A Poet Of The Thirteenth Century
On the Day of Atonement
The Panther
A New Theory Of Time
Babi Yar
Princess Ateh
Charles Baudelaire
The Death Sentence
Robert Lowell: The Quaker Graveyard In Nantucket
W.B Yeats: The Second Coming
Cities of the Sun
The Invisible Library

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